What Toiletries to Pack for a Cruise (& Best Toiletry Bag to Use!)

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Wondering what toiletries to pack for a cruise? Your toiletry bag can often end up being a bulky, heavy item that takes up a lot of room in your suitcase. We can help you minimize this problem! Use our cruise toiletries checklist and tips below to make sure your pack the right toiletries.

What toiletries are provided on a cruise? Unless you’re in a spa cabin or speciality suite you won’t get any fancy toiletries in mini bottles on your cruise like you would in a hotel. Instead expect to see an in shower dispenser with shampoo and body wash and a small bar of soap on your bathroom countertop.

What Toiletries to Pack for a Cruise - Best Toiletry Bag for a Cruise

What Toiletries to Pack for a Cruise

Essentials Travel Toiletries for a Cruise

Basic Toiletries

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Facial moisturiser
  • Face wash
  • Body lotion
  • Deodorant
  • Bar of soap / body wash – If you have sensitive skin or prefer to use your own soap in the shower instead of the cruise line’s body wash which is often cheap feeling.
  • Razor
  • Shaving foam / gel
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file
  • Feminine hygiene items
  • Lip balm
  • Hand cream – Keep in your travel tote with the lip balm for travel days. For a full list in what to pack in your bag on travel / embarkation day click here.

Pro Travel Tip:

Use travel sized toiletries under 3oz (or 100ml) where you can… even if you’re checking your bag or driving to port. They save a lot of space in your luggage and your stateroom bathroom once you’re on board.

Hair Care

  • Conditioner – Bring your own conditioner and plenty of it! Sun, salt water and swimming mean tangled hair. Conditioner often isn’t provided in cruise ship bathrooms.
  • Shampoo – Not essential as will be provided in your cabin but it’s not always great quality so if you’re particular about your hair you may wish to bring your own.
  • Detangling spray – So useful after long days swimming in saltwater, especially for kids! If you can’t get a travel size, decant your own into a small spray bottle or make some by mixing a few big squirts of conditioner with water.
  • Detangling comb / brush
  • Styling products – Travel-sized versions!
  • Shower cap – If you’re staying in a hotel pre-cruise, grab one from the hotel bathroom amenities!
  • Hair brush
  • Hair ties and bobby pins
  • Small pouch or Ziploc bag for hair care products (except conditioner, shampoo and shower cap which goes in your toiletry bag). It’s easier to keep all your hair styling products in one little bag and then just pop it in a dresser drawer in your room.

Make Up



Best Toiletry Bag for a Cruise

A hanging toiletry bag is best for cruising. There’s often little counter space or storage space in your stateroom bathroom onboard so having a hanging toiletry bag really helps save space.

Here are some suggestions for best toiletries bags for a cruise:

  • Expert Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag – This is probably the best toiletry bag for cruise travel. It has so much space to keep your cruise toiletries organized with four separate sections! It’s waterproof and leakproof and lightweight.
  • eBags Pack It Flat Toiletry Bag – If you’re packing light and using a carry on bag only then this is a great hanging toiletry bag that lays flat across the top of your suitcase contents when packing. No need to squeeze it in!
  • Extra Large Expert Travel Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag – If you need an extra large hanging toiletry bag that can fit enough full sized toiletries for a family then check out this bag. It’s 42” long when folded out so has plenty of space!
  • Amazon Basics Hanging Toiletry Bag– If you’re traveling light then this Amazon basics tioletry bag is perfect. Simple, lightweight, durable and compact!


Pro Travel Tip:

Don’t use your regular toiletries for travel. Buy an extra set of what you need and leave all your travel toiletries packed in your toiletry bag. Replace any empties when you return from your trip. Keep it in your suitcase or in storage. You’ll always have a toiletry bag packed and ready to go! One less thing to think about when packing for your cruise.

Cruise Toiletries Checklist

Cruise Toiletries Checklist

For a printable cruise toiletries checklist, click here. Print off this checklist and mark items off as you pack to stay organized.

>>Click here to download your printable Cruise Toiletries Checklist PDF<<<


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