What to Pack for a Cruise to the Bahamas – Packing List Printable Included!

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Wondering what to pack for a cruise to the Bahamas? Whether you’re heading off on a quick getaway or cruising for a week, we can help you plan what to pack for a Bahamas cruise. We’ve included outfit ideas so you know what to wear on a cruise to the Bahamas for formal night, dinner, excursions and around the ship.

Because many Bahamas cruises are only three or four days and some are up to a week long, we’ve given different quantities for each on our Bahamas cruise packing list. You can download a printable version of the Bahamas packing list at the end of this post

We’ve also included some tips on packing for cruise to Bahamas, which luggage to pick, how to pack light and all the cruise essentials you’ll need for your trip!

You can use this list of what to pack for the Bahamas if you’re not on a cruise! You can use our guide on what to wear in the Bahamas if you’re traveling on a cruise or by plane to a resort too. These Bahamas outfits work for land or sea (although you can probably omit the formal night outfits and cruise essential  if you’re packing for the Bahamas and you’re not on a cruise! 



What to Pack for a Bahamas Cruise

What to Wear on a Cruise to the Bahamas

Clothes for cruise to Bahamas should be lightweight and comfortable. It gets warm and humid in the Bahamas and you’re on vacation so cool and comfy are your best bet!

When planning what to wear in the Bahamas, look at the weather forecast. In summer, pack for warm weather and expect temperatures from 80 to 85°F. In winter, temperatures are between 70 to 78°F and evenings can be a touch cool on deck so bring a light cardigan or pashmina. The wet season in the Bahamas is from June to November with the two wettest months being June and October. It’s a good idea to pack a jacket or rain poncho if cruising during the wet season.

When planning out your Bahamas cruise attire, it’s helpful to think in complete outfits. This will help you avoid overpacking, especially for a short trip. Easy summer outfits like maxi dresses and sun dresses are ideal for onboard the ship in the day and on non-formal dining nights. Shorts with a t-shirt, vest top or flowy tunic are also great. You’ll want to pack at least two bathing suits and coverups for the pool and beach excursions. If you’re taking an active excursion then pack an outfit and shoes for that too. Depending on the length of your cruise you’ll need one or two formal night outfits. This can be a cocktail dress, jumpsuit or even a dressed up maxi dress for women and a shirt and dress pants for men with a tie and/or blazer optional.

In the graphic below we have some ideas for outfits for cruise to Bahamas. Look for items that mix and match and stick to a color pallete. In our guide below on what to wear on a Bahamas cruise, you’ll see we’ve used pink, black and plum to create our cruise outfits. You could mix and match these items together too and have multiple different looks for your cruise. This is useful particularly for longer cruises.

If you’re cruising from New York in winter, don’t forget to pack warm clothes for embarkation and disembarkation days! It might also be cool on your first sea day as you sail down the East Coast

Many cruises also have a white party one night on board. White party clothes can be as casual or dressy as you like so make sure you have a white pair of shorts or jeans and a white t-shirt or a white dress amongst your clothes to wear on a cruise to Bahamas.

How many Bahamas cruise outfits you’ll need:

  • 3 day cruise to Bahamas – One formal night outfit, one non-formal dinner outfit, embarkation day outfit, excursion day outfit, disembarkation day outfit, swimsuits and coverups
  • 4 day cruise to Bahamas – One formal night outfit, two non-formal dinner outfit, embarkation day outfit, excursion day outfit, one sea day outfit, disembarkation day outfit, swimsuits and coverups
  • 7 day cruise to Bahamas – Two formal night outfits, five non-formal dinner outfit (mix & match), embarkation day outfit, three excursion day outfits, three sea day outfit, disembarkation day outfit, swimsuits and coverups

Cruise Packing Tip:

Remember to pack your swimsuit, coverup, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses in your carry on bag so you can hit the pool as soon as your board the ship!

What to Wear on a Cruise to the Bahamas - Cruise Casual Outfits

Cruise casual outfit ideas (for sea days, excursions & embarkation)

Striped linen dressGold sandals

Striped t-shirtChambray shortsWalking shoe

Printed sundressFlip flops

Casual cruise evening outfits

Casual cruise dinner outfit ideas

Black jumpsuitGold earrings /Pendant necklace  / Wedge Sandals

Plum maxi dress / Gold sandals / Pendant necklaceTassel earring (purple)

Chiffon tank top / Palazzo pants  / Wedge Sandals /

(Give Palazzo pants a go! They are super comfy and stylish. If you’re not a fan of Palazzo pants, try dark or white jeans or linen pants.)


Bahamas Cruise Packing List - What to Wear on a Bahamas Cruise

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What to Pack for a Cruise to the Bahamas

When planning what to bring on a cruise to the Bahamas, in addition to the outfits you’ll need there are a few other useful cruise essentials. Here’s our list of what to take on a cruise to the Bahamas.

Useful Cruise Essentials

Documents and Electronics


If you’re on a three or four day cruise, you should only need travel sized toiletries. This will help you pack into a carry on sized suitcase. If you’re on a week long Bahamas cruise, then bring minis of the items you don’t use a lot of but go for full sized bottles of high use items like sunscreen and conditioner.

For a full list of toiletries to pack for a cruise and a printable checklist, read our post on what toiletries to pack for a cruise here.

Cruise Packing Tip: 

Keep a seperate set of toiletries packed in your toiletry bag. Replace any used items when you return from a cruise and your toiletries will be packed and ready for your next trip!


Bahamas Cruise Packing Checklist

Bahamas Cruise Packing List

Using a packing list is a good idea when working out what to bring to the Bahamas on a cruise. A checklist will help you stay organized, avoid overpacking and give you a handy list of all the little things you need to purchase in advance of your cruise.

You can download our printable packing checklist for cruise to Bahamas here.

You can also download a separate printable cruise toiletries checklist over on this post.


Tips on How to Pack for a Cruise to the Bahamas


Got any questions on packing for a cruise to the Bahamas? Let us know in the comments below! You can also join our Facebook group to chat with us and fellow cruisers about packing for your cruise!

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