10 Fun Things to Bring on a Cruise

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You’re gearing up for your cruise vacation and you want to make it one of the best weeks of your year. Why not pack a few items to make it more fun for you, your shipmates and your crew? We’ve put together a list of 10 fun things to bring on a cruise. Whether it’s to jazz up your stateroom, give something funny to the group you’re cruising with or show your appreciation to your crew. these fun things to take on a cruise will definitely up the enjoyment factor on your trip.

10 Fun Things to Bring on a Cruise

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10 Fun Things to Bring on a Cruise

Door Decorations

If you’re looking for creative things to bring on a cruise to spark a little extra joy, consider bringing along some decorative items to jazz up your stateroom door. You can theme it to fit a holiday you’re traveling over, a special occasion you’re traveling for or just a general fun, cruise theme. It’ll make it easier to spot your door when heading down those long cruise corridors. If you’re traveling with a group, it makes it easy to spot your friends & families cabins too.

Stateroom doors are metal so magnets area ideal for sticking decorations to your door. Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for cruise door decoration ideas. Have a look at our Pinterest board here! Here are some ideas of things to bring along to decorate your door:


Printed T-Shirts

If you’re looking for funny things to do on a cruise ship with a group of friends, consider getting some cruise themed t-shirts for your group. Matching cruise tees are great for groups, especially on embarkation day. It helps you spot all your party members and keep everyone together. They also look great in your photos!

You can either buy a matching set of general fun cruise shirts like these on Amazon. If you have a little more time you can go to a site like Zazzle and have specific date, cruise ship and groups names printed on your tees.



Attending the various onboard parties is certainly one of the most fun things to do on a cruise but what makes it even more fun… glowsticks! Glowsticks are cheap, lightweight and easy to pack. They’re great for the deck party on the first night or for the white party if your sailing is having one. You can buy glowsticks here on Amazon.


Cruise-Themed Travel Mug or Cup

If you’re having your morning coffee or an afternoon soda, why not bring along your own cruise-themed travel mug or cup! Not only is it fun it’s also a lot more convenient than the tiny cups they give you in the buffet. They also make a great pre-departure gift for your travel companions.

There are lots of fun cruise-themed travel mugs and cups on Amazon. Here is a fun cruise themed travel mug and a cruise-themed travel cup for cold drinks.


Whiteboard or Magnetic Dry Erase Sheet

Even if you’re not decorating your door, putting a whiteboard or magnetic dry erase sheet on your cabin door is one of our tup fun cruise ideas. You can leave joyful messages to your fellow cruisers and crew or encourage them to stop an leave you a fun message. It’s an easy way to brighten up yours or someone else’s day while you’re on board.

This magnetic dry erase sheet is ideal for your stateroom door.


Cruise Tote

A tote bag is so useful for cruising. Whether you use it for for your embarkation day bag, on an excursion or just to tote your book & sunglasses up to the lido deck, you’ll get a lot of use our of a cruise tote. There are some fun cruise-themed tote bags on Amazon like this or you can also get them printed up on a site like Zazzle (like the t-shirts mentioned above!). It makes a great gift idea for fellow cruisers.


Cute Towel Clips

Towel clips are a useful little item to pack for a cruise. Not only do they help you remember which sun lounger you’re using, they also stop your stuff blowing away on a windy day. They’re useful for both on deck by the pool, on your balcony or if you’re planning a beach or pool excursion. Here are some cute towel clip ideas.


Full Face Snorkel

If you want to push yourself to try something new next time you’re on a cruise, why not pick up a full face snorkel mask? They’re a lot easier to use than traditional snorkel sets so give it a go and have some fun on your next beach excursion. You can check out full face snorkel masks here.


Post It Notes

Post-It notes have been recommended up cruisers for decades. They’re an easy way of communicating with your cabin steward or with others in your cruise group. Leave a note on your mirror for your cabin attendant letting them know you appreciate their hard work. Use Post-It notes to leave messages on your cruisemates’ stateroom doors letting them know what time you’re heading to dinner or asking them to meet you in the bar. It’s the best way to communicate if you’re without your devices for the week. These large, colorful Post-It notes are ideal for cruising.


Mini Candy Bars

Finally, what better way to brighten your stateroom attendants or wait staffs day by leaving them a few mini candy bars for their hard work. A good ideal both at the start or end of the sailing. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a little extra touch like this can make. You can buy a bag of mini candy bars like this and distribute them out throughout the cruise.


Have you got any ideas on fun things to bring on a cruise? If you’ve got a fun cruise idea, leave me a comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

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