Best Bag for Cruise Excursions

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Looking for ideas on a day bag for cruise excursions to add to your packing list? Choosing the best bag for cruise excursions depends entirely on what you’re doing when you get off the ship. Whether you’re shopping in port, taking a beach day or out on an active excursion, you’ll need to pick the best excursion bag for the job.

You can take multiple cruise bags on your sailing if you’re doing a variety of activities in each port or if you’re packing light and keeping it simple choose a cruise day bag that will work for everything you’re doing.

Tip: You can use your excursion bag as your cruise carry on bag on embarkation day. Tote bags or backpacks are ideal for this. For advice on what to pack in your carry on bag for embarkation, read this post.

Best Bags for Cruise Excursions

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Best Bag for Cruise Excursions

Tote Bag

A simple tote bags is our all round pick for best bag for cruise excursions. A tote bag is perfect for the beach, shopping and sightseeing tours. You can stuff a lot into a tote bag and they’re lightweight and easy to pack. Tote bags are also very useful on travel and embarkation days.

  • Budget – If you’re looking for an simple, budget friendly cruise tote then check these out. They have fun prints so are also great gift ideas for giving out to your group if you’re cruising with friends and family.
  • Mid-Range – If you’re looking for a sturdy tote that will last you several trips, then check out these. They’re waterproof and have great internal and external pockets.
  • High End – If you’re a high end cruiser and looking for a stylish tote to carry on your cruise then look no further than these Michael Kors straw totes.


Beach Bag

If you’re looking for the best beach bag for cruise excursions where you’re simply going to sit on a beach and relax, swim and play in the sand then the best beach bag is one like this with mesh panels to stop it filling with sand. Cruise lines let you take beach towels off the ship but they are bulky so it’s useful to have a beach bag large enough to carry them through the port and to your transportation.

An Extra Large Mesh Beach Bag like this is the best beach bag if you’re traveling with kids because you can fit enough towels and beach toys for everyone in the one bag. The mesh construction means you don’t need to worry about dragging a lot of sand back to your cabin.

Tip: We also recommend using a waterproof phone pouch for cruise excursions near water. These useful little pouches keep your phone, cash and sailing card safe and dry and can also be used to take underwater photos with your phone.


Lightweight Backpack

The best backpack for cruise excursions is a lightweight folding backpack. They pack well inside your suitcase when not in use but are sturdy enough for taking on an active excursions. This is our top pick for backpack for cruise excursions because it has mesh shoulder straps which help keep you cool and two side pockets for water bottles. It’s also water resistant (not waterproof) so fine for the beach or sailing excursions.


Dry Bag

A waterproof bag for cruise excursions that involve boating, sailing or being around the water are a good idea, especially if you’re carrying a camera or phone along with you to take photos. A waterproof dry bag like this is ideal because it packs flat in your suitcase and has a comfy strap for carrying. Tt comes in a couple of sizes so you can choose based on how big your camera equipment is or if you’re carrying gear for the kids as well.


Travel Purse

If you’re simply popping off the ship to do some shopping in port or light sightseeing, then you’ll be fine using a travel purse for cruise like this for your shore day. These are the best purse for cruise excursions because they have locking zippers, slash-proof body and straps and RFID blocking technology. These are the ideal cruise handbags for European cruises as they look smart but are still very functional.


What’s your preferred cruise excursion bag? Let us know in the comments below! Or if you have a question about packing for your cruise excursion, ask away!

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